VAL Installation valves

Safe & reliable hydraulic equipment installation

Installing hydraulic equipment on mobile working machines is easy when using Dynaset installation valves. Valves enable safe and powerful use of various kinds of hydraulic equipment (generators, pumps, compressors etc.) on many different types of working machines.

Priority valves

Compared to alternative installation methods, the PV SAE priority valve has several benefits. First of all, with included pressure compensator (PC SAE) it is very easy to install as a simple SAE flange mounting the main pump pressure line.

Secondly, the priority valve has very short reaction time. This results in very well regulated hydraulic flow to the hydraulic equipment, further results them to operate in a stable and trouble-free manner – regardless the RPM of the carrier machine.

The priority valve will not reduce the hydraulic power excessively. It causes only marginal pressure loss and the valve itself is leak free. Therefore the valve will not cause unwanted power loss in the hydraulic system.

Dynaset PV valve directs prioritized, non-fluctuating oil flow to hydraulic equipment without disturbing the regulation system of the main system pump.

The pressure compensator valve is to be installed directly between main pump and main hydraulic hose flanges. With additional SAE flanges the priority valve can be installed in hose/pipe line.

Dynaset PV-SAE priority valve is a ready-to-be-installed kit, including:
- Pressure compensator PC SAE (available sizes ¾”, 1”, 1¼”)
- Flow control valve
- Pressure limiter
- Solenoid valve


For closed center (LS) hydraulic systems, the Dynaset LSV can be used in installations for guaranteeing stable oil flow for hydraulic equipment. Dynaset installation valves also make reliable installation of auxiliary hydraulics easy and safe.

Other valves for installations also available from Dynaset.

Installation valves

DYNASET knows every machine brand and every hydraulic system. Extra hydraulic power output cannot be easier – with the guidance of a professional.

All hydraulic systems

PV SAE Priority valve takes the correct oil flow from main pump with bolt-on sandwich flange: easiest way for extra output from original hydraulics. Pressure compensated fast reaction oil flow control work perfect for single function or as well multi-spool double acting valve block, Danfoss, Rexroth, Bucher, etc. LSV Valve is ready extra hydraulic output for LS-variable pump systems, Komatsu, CAT, Case, Rexroth etc and as well for load sensing spool valve blocks, Danfoss, Aichi, etc. Including the knowhow of right connection like Komatsu LS-line nipple etc.

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